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ABOUT trifold

From the first turning of soil to the pour of a well-deserved scotch in celebration of a fully-inhabited space, we understand and appreciate the layers of planning and preparation involved in successful commercial real estate endeavours and the fine art of seamless communication between all parties involved.

Trifold Creative Inc. prides itself on being a true partner to the commercial real estate industry, offering a full range of services including:


Customized strategies featuring core marketing principles to creatively and effectively communicate with your target audience while maintaining brand integrity.


Dedicated approaches to ensure ongoing communication, fostering partnerships based on integrity, trust and mutual respect. And, oh yeah, the bottom line.


Unique and interactive communications strategies to ensure ease of transition and minimal disruption to maintain goodwill. Trifold acts as the ultimate liaison – informing, educating and reassuring these important parties using methods ranging from social media engagement, to in-person events.


Development and implementation of targeted broker appreciation and incentive programs. We pat backs. We raise glasses. We put wind in sails. We give props.


Conception and execution of unique events to promote launches, manage transitions and inform all levels of project stakeholders.


Web strategy, design and development. Do we really need to explain that?


Design and production of large scale print requirements including construction hoarding, building wraps and signage.


Our cutting-edge video production will take your promotional efforts to the next level, bring your properties to life and place prospective tenants into the heart of your space with unparalleled quality graphics and energy.


Through our lens, let us capture your project’s architecture, infrastructure and your supporting marketing initiatives.


Compelling web, marketing and social media content development.


Custom design and production of multifaceted (fixed and mobile) display units of varying materials to tell your story in interactive and creative ways. Trifold also specializes in unique units that are space-efficient and/or reusable for future projects.

client Testimonials

Kevin Hardy

Senior Vice President - Leasing
Dundee Realty Management Corp

"They're always there for me and respond with high quality work."

Claire McIntyre

Vice President - Marketing
Oxford Properties Group

"When working with Trifold I have confidence that everything will get done on time, on budget and to the quality that we expect."

Josh Kaufman

Vice President - Commercial Development
Dundee Realty Management Corp

"I don't have time to ramp up and educate someone on our industry. Trifold gets it. They understand the industry."