Trifold printed and installed a number of custom display systems for a marketing suite at Manulife Centre. Manulife needed a large system that could be installed into concrete wall, but reusable and transportable as well. Trifold created and constructed a wall display system for Manulife that met all their criteria. The display system was 55’ wide and 8’ high constructed out of alupanel that was adhered to french cleats and installed onto the wall of the suite. Vinyl graphics were installed on the alupanel displaying marketing messaging, floor plans, and leasing information. 
In addition to the wall mount, Trifold developed a custom hanging poster system. These posters were installed into the ceiling in different locations around the suite to highlight and identify the various stations. Trifold also installed a series of foam core posters and a series of banner posters to reinforce the unique and impressive overall look of the suite. Trifold ensured that all of the signage, including the wall mounts, were reusable and transportable.
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