Trifold’s mandate was to direct traffic flow as well as revitalize and brighten up Cumberland Terrace’s walkway by creating an engaging yet aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Trifold successfully managed the entire project from start to finish including: design, photography, illustration, research, copyrighting, printing, and installation.
Copy Writing & Content Curation
Titled “Yorkville’s History at a Glance,” the project focused on emphasizing the rich history and character of Yorkville. Trifold gathered an abundance of information after visiting the archive libraries, Yorkville’s public library, and photography reserves across Toronto. Once completing the research process, Trifold selected some of Yorkville’s historical highlights and famous landmarks (such as artists, singers, architecture, and political figures) to feature throughout the walkway.
Design & Wayfinding
Trifold developed an artistic direction using watercolor splashes combined with black and white photography and drawings to bring the copy to life.  Trifold was responsible for photographing and developing the majority of the photos used throughout the exhibit. The illustrations incorporated on some of the displays were hand-drawn and used to add depth and diversity to the overall look and feel of the exhibit. The colour palette is composed of both warm and cool colours, which helped bring light to the darker areas. In addition to the design and aesthetic of the project, Trifold created a wayfinding system that allowed for easy and efficient traffic flow throughout the building. Overall, the Cumberland Terrace walkway is pleasing to the eye and has functional wayfinding value.
Print & Installation
Using different types of vinyl, styrene, plexiglass, and banner material on both the interior and exterior, Trifold transformed Cumberland Terrace. With an overall 9000 square feet to cover, the installation and printing process was executed in a timely fashion with Trifold’s expert installers. After the install was completed the expansive and unique pedestrian walkway acts as an art exhibit featuring Yorkville’s past, and without a doubt, leaves a lasting impression.
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