Trifold Creative was asked by Cadillac Fairview to create a Canada Day experience in honour of Canada's 150th birthday in two of their buildings, Simcoe Place and RBC Centre. We were asked to come up with a creative and interactive way to get the tenants to participate in an event surrounding Canada 150. We designed and fabricated a custom display unit which served as a physical bar graph showing what tenants like best about Canada. We created a list of reasons why Canada is so great, and asked tenants to take a ball and drop it in the tube that they feel answers the question most accurately. Along with the display unit, we produced a custom white board where tenants could write their own opinions on what they like best about Canada. We also created roll up banners, posters, and email flyers telling tenants what to do and informing them of the event. The event ran for the entire week of Canada Day, which we hired staff to help run the event. We designed and produced t-shirts for the staff. As a thank you gift to the tenants, we designed and produced custom Canada Day pins which were given out to all who participated. After the event, Trifold designed a results chart presenting the findings. The event was highly successful and everyone involved had a lot of fun. 
Someone even came back with a typed out list:
And here are the results!
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